iso [i, saw] the beach pt 3

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Foggy Sea
f13 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 200 | shutter speed : 30sec

| Photographer said.. |

We went to the beach again today, abit late but still managed to get some photos. The sun was already down when we got there but the sun was hidden behind the clouds anyways.

So we tried playing with longer shutter speeds instead. This was one of the photos I took today.

I still haven't got a specific style just yet. If you compare the last 2 post I did, you can see some difference in colors and moods to every photos. In time maybe I'll get better..

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focus said...

beach#1 is much better then beach#2 and #3, i rated#1-3.5,#2-3 and#3-2

O said...

apakan nii, pantai kah padang sahara? reduce the shutter speed

Jay said...

I don't know what O means. OOF sed that he was playing around with longer shutter speeds so I'm guessing thats whats happening to the waters which looked like its foggy.

The sun was already down which means that reducing the shutter speed will in fact make the foto under exposed which would mean you'd get a black foto instead..

So what are you trying to say O?

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