iso [i, saw] a fishing pond

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Orange Skies
f11 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 125 | shutter speed : 8-30sec | flash : not fired

| Description |

Another attempt at the HDR..

Again it compose of 3 shots, one was using an 8 second exposure, one at 15 seconds and the last one at 30second. I'm not quite satisfied with the lights that were used to brighten up the pond, I think on this photo, its too bright. Maybe I should have used f14 instead of f11, or maybe take more than 3 shot to get a better result.. Will experiment more.

I am quite amazed with the color of the sky. I'm guessing that since it was cover with clouds, the orange light must have been the reflection of a near by town.

There's a black hole with a white glow in one of the windows on the top right corner. It got me thinking why that was and after a close inspection of all three photos, it seems that the lights were not on in one of the shots.

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