iso [i, saw] the future redux

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Sharjah - Vertorama
f8.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 200 | shutter speed : 1/1000 | flash : not fired

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Most of the photos I posted recently were of squared frame. The trouble in doing that was I would lose about three quarter of the photo.. which was a waste. I browsed the net and came across an article that combines 2 photos thus making full use of the frame and then some. It's called vertorama and it was quite interesting how the photo would turn out.

I remembered I had a photo somewhere in my library that I could experiment on. Here's the original.. well after a little editing of course..

I actually had the top one posted a few weeks ago. Just my luck, the bottom one was just one of my trials to get the angle correct. I had to tweak the exposure up abit to get the sun reflection clearer.. The blending was done manually and then after I was satisfied with exposures and levels, I merged them together and do the final bit of editing then.

It's a lot more work then just tweaking the colors but I find the results more satisfying.
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overXposed said...

Verto what?... nicely composed and manipulated, i have read these techniques somewhere and even tried it...but due to my mimimal skills in Photoshop, i just gave up. Maybe with my Mac, it will boost my confidence in photo editing to a the next level...So much to learn so little time...Redux? is redux?...heee...

Out Of Focus said...

Redux - latin word for comeback or revisited..

Dont give up bro.. unless you are giving up your mac.. then give it up to me.. Hahaha!!

Thanks for the compliment.

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