iso [i, saw] in the hangar

Photo by overXposed | Title - Sleeping Time
f/22 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 4.0s

| Description|

This photo and the last two photos are actually for our department's photo competition. Having seen the other entries, i shall throw a white towel now. My entries sux!!! Good luck to DF. What really spoilt the competition in my opinion are firstly the photos are to be voted by the staffs only, d'uh...u can asked your friend to vote for you..silly innit? And secondly, i overheard the competition will be boycotted by unsporting memebers of staffs who will vote the worst entry of all. But then again, an ugly picture might be the best picture.

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Out Of Focus said...

Send your entry man!!! SEND.. IT.. IN!! SEND.. IT.. IN!!! Hehehe..

overXposed said...

that was my entries...n thanks for resizing the photos this gonna be our new format? me of the how to...i terpogot la....cheers...

ViewFinder said...

Ain't that typical? Would have thought the judging will be done by an independent committee. I wish both DF and you all the best for the competition. May the best pix wins!

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