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Photo by overXposed | Title - Clueless
f/4.0 | focal length : 28mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1.3s

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My new toy, the Aluminium MacBook!! Who would have thought i would get one of these beasts. Thanks to OOF!! who relentlessly persuading me to get an Apple, there you go buddy.... So...., since i am new to this experience, let me just say....HELP!!!!!!.. I need somebody to teach me to get around the Mac. By the way, the posts titled iso [i, saw] a corner was actually the corner of the MacBook box and MacBook itself respectively. On the other, maybe my PC's are running out of hard disk spaces eventhough i have 2 external hard disks of 160GB and 320GB.  Hmmm...good excuse?

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Out Of Focus said...

I think u need a new camera man, I can hardly see u in that photo. Hehe!! Congrats on ur new mac. Runing out of disk space is a good reason to get a new computer... Or so I heard... Hehe!!

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