iso [i, saw] along the shore at Serasa Beach

Photo by overXposed | Title - Forgotten?
f/5.6 | focal length : 20mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/250s

| Description |

Serasa Beach or infact any beaches in Brunei or any other countries ( maybe ) is the best place for hunting recyclable junks, thanks to the irresponsible beachgoers!! The site itself is clean with less plastic bags and white stayroform containers is seen but not the shoreline. Is it just laziness or a behaviour or mentality problem? Of which if it is not your home, " f&#k it, just trash it!! "

The photo here is just one BIG example, do they simply forgotten to bring the kid's car back home or was it broken then they just left it there? Ironically, there is a "
Tempat Pembuangan Kereta " just before the beach entrance.

So guys,

"Please Keep Our Beaches Clean, Keep Brunei Darussalam Clean"


Out Of Focus said...

Yeah, Its a shame isn't it that the only good place to hang around with the family and for us, photo shooting, is a dirty place.

Handal banar bah tani ah..

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