iso [i, saw] a metal donkey

Photo by Dark Flashy | Title - Nodding Donkey
ISO 320 | 52 mm | f/5.6 | 1/250 Sec

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How does a nodding donkey lift oil from underground?
A Nodding Donkey also known as a "horsehead pump" or "pump jack" provides the up/down motion (stroke) that powers a submersible pump in a borehole. The submersible pumps oil in a similar way to which a bicycle pump pumps air into a tyre.

A motor, usually electric, turns a pair of cranks, which by their action raise and lower one end of a metal beam. The other end of the beam, which often has a curved end, is attached to a metal rod that moves up and down. The rod, which can be thousands of feet long, attaches to a pump deep in an oil well.


Out Of Focus said...

The real question is not how my friend.. It's why.. Why is it called a nodding donkey? Why not pull up push down oil pump? Hehe!!

iRis said...

Or how many are there in Brunei. Why some are not working? ( Aku ah tau udah jawapannya, well I no need to know but our readers may ).

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