iso [i, saw] my daughter

Photo by Dark Flashy | Title - Blow out the candles
ISO 400 | 31 mm | f/4.0 | 1/60 Sec

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| Photographer said |

16032009 - Happy 4th b'day to Alai from Babah and Mama


Out Of Focus said...

Birthday wish for the birthday girl.. Wah basar sudah yo.. Nanti ku suruh anak ku bubut. Hahaha!! Man.. I still remember time ia baru start bejalan dulu.

Fly said...

salam, ooo rupanye kita berjiran lah ye :) I mean saya di kluang johor, anyway hepi besday for ur lovely daughter

Out Of Focus said...

Hehe.. Thanks Fly, but that's not my daughter. There's 4 of us here. Maybe I'll meet u someday..

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