iso [i, saw] the roads

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Which Way Is Which? - Vertorama
f10 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/250sec | flash : not fired

| Description |

oXp had some things to do and called me up to tell me of the delay. Minutes turned to hours so I decided to have a head start and drove my car off to the blue yonder.

As I was driving down the back road, I took a glimpse of the sky. The soft cirrus cloud was beautiful, making its way as if it was following the roads.' I have to take a shot of this' I thought.. So I stopped at the side of the road.

Darn!! I had prime lens on!! I was having a test shot at home before this and forgot to change it back. So I quickly changed it, got out of my car and waited til the roads were clear. By that time, the clouds had shifted to the right.

Oh well.. maybe next time.


Maman said...

Hah!! I have this kind of shot pictured in my mind and i thought it will be nice to get one.... but this shot is far more better than what's pictured in my mind.. Well Done Man... Well Done..

VM said...

ahahaha...funnily it came to me too...tapi nda ku brani yo...tau ta org brunei. krg kena ucap ku...behapa si anu atu...gila pakah ... but what i had in mind was a night shot with cars..

the cloud is still nice...baik nda batah nunggu nda bekerita melintas

Out Of Focus said...

Kalo aku, malastah ku ingau.. Hehe! I dont really care what people say, selagi aku inda kacau org. Thats why (I think) oXp like going out with me.. I do the strangest thing to get a good shot.

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