iso [i, saw] singapore's third terminal

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - T3 - Vertorama
f4.5 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/8 | flash : not fired

| Description |

My second attempt in doing vertorama. I was so upset about not getting the sunset today (due to the rain) that I had to go out and find something else to experiment on. So I packed up my gear when the wife and baby's asleep and went to the airport. I thought for sure that it'll be empty at half past eleven. However it was packed.. This is not Brunei, you know..
This one consist of 3 photos, manually stitched together and edited for levels and saturation in Lightroom and CS3. Took me almost 2 hours but it was well worth it. Heck even I'm impressed!! Heh heh..

If anyone wuld like to see the original photo, write in the comment and I'll load it up.


oXp wants.. oXp gets.. To be honest, I dont think I really need 3 photos, but it's just that I had a couple of hours to kill. Hehe!!

Here you go dude..

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Out Of Focus said...

Don't u trust me kah? Jgntah kalieh.. Panas atimu karang.. Haha! Will upload it as soon as I can

iRis said...

Impressive dude. From its tone, xposure and composition. I could hardly find a defect. Especially with the ppl's moving around. It must have been a hard post processing. Anyway, bravo.

overXposed said... make impossible things possible...when i did the panoramic projects pun sudah payah kan stitch them together..apa tah lgi ani yg details nya miniscule...kalu gambr ani d buat kn jigsaw puzzle best jelesh alai eh..

Out Of Focus said...

iRis - Thanks for not looking too hard to find the flaws. Hard to process? No.. Hard to stitch? Definitely.

oXp- Jelesh buat satu.. Hehe!! Thanks man. Nanti I show u where I stitch sands when we go beaching lagi. Hahaha!!!

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