iso [i, saw] this after the rain

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - SOAS Mosque - Vertorama
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired

| Description |

I've finally done it. It's been haunting me for weeks but now I'm at peace..

After a few (15 actually) photos by Kantalensa of the mosque, I told myself that this was one of the few things I needed to get for my vertorama. He had it taken from an angle that I didn't know existed. I've found one of the angles, which was right in front of the parking lot, but I decided to go for this instead.

It was raining that day, and I thought my day was ruined because of it. I was stuck inside Nyonya Restaurant having my lunch, thinking what to do for the rest of the day. Half hour later, the rained finally stopped. I walked out of Nyonya's, heads down, body slumped and dragged myself towards the mosque.

It turned out that there was a silver lining in the dark stormy clouds. Reflections of the mosque on the wet surface of the tiled walkways turned my frown into a big smile, so big that people who passed by me thought that an upside down cloth hanger was stuck in my mouth.

I'm sure glad it rained down on me..

| Photographer said.. |

2 sets of 5 photos each set for this HDR vertorama photo, merged in Photomatix then processed in CS3.


Maman said...

OOF .. Great shot man.. Great Vertoram + HDR too.. I like the reflections.. (VA guys next outing bandar?.) and when that time came.. OOF! Can you lend me your vision.. hahaha

VM said...

absolute lawa man...its like the sky is twirling...d reflection is just awesome...theres no description for it...two thumbs up dude

KantaLensa said...

just as i have expected you've done better than me with a combination of hdr and vertorama but most of all you've outdone me with a splendid outstanding composition. i'll go into hiding for a while till i find another landscape (if i do find one). otherwise i'll just post simple everyday photos.

iRis said...

OOF Bro, ur work has made many raise eyebrows. Hope fully it won't stop others packing like Kantalensa ( sorry Kantalensa, I am just joking ). Actually,I hope ur work will motivate others to try and beat you. Til, there is a challenge... I salute bro.

KantaLensa said...

iris, yes its packing up in a good way. betapuk mencari idea hahaha. vertorama inda ku dapat challenge coz i'm not a photoshop user.

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