iso [i, saw] a beginning of night

Photo by iris | Title - Maghrib
f16 | focal length : 12mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various

| Description |

During my successful outing with oXp & VF. Yes, I bold the word successful and VF because these was the first time oXp and I went outing with VF with the weather was on our side after twice the rain managed to spoil our planned before.

OOF was aeound in Brunei that day but due to family commitment his was not able to join us despite our best attempt to change his mind by a surprised stopped at his home. Anyway, we managed to make him biting his own lips. Hehehe. ( Sorry bro ).

For oXp and VF, well done on your part in giving a surprised stopped at my place too.

| Photographer said... |

Despite my hectic daily timetable for the past week, this week and early next week too, I managed this time to squeeze my free 2 hrs break to try on my first vertorama. All done with Photomatix Pro and Photoshop CS3 with 3 sets of 3 differents exposures of photos on every set.

I feel that I am oblige to post at least one as I am part of ISO community. I do feel guilty if I don't post and let OOF and oXp alone to entertain our loyal visitors. Thank you OOF and oXp... and to DF my bro not the least too for all your understanding.


Maman said...

Woooaahh!!!.. iris! he's back.. and great sunset.. the foot step.. the clouds, and yang paling mahal.. the sun just above the horizon ah.. great one man..

aimNclick said...

nice capture bro..even though de footprints n de coconut distract me a lil bit..still luv de skies..:)

VM said...

u still got skill tho haven't been posting quite awhile.

Its a good one iris...

Out Of Focus said...

3 sets kah? I'm afraid I'm gonna have to see the 3 photos to see if its really 3 or just cropped.. Hehe!!

Nice one dude. Good sunset, nice glare. This is what I've been trying to get but haven't achieved.

I still need to see the 3 set though.. Hehehe!! No seriously..

iRis said...

OOF, I knew it... u won't trust me. And to other commenters, Maman, aimNclick and VM... thank you for all your nice comment. That includes you too OOF. Hehehe

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