iso [i, saw] the distance

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Burnt Out - Vertorama
f4.5 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired

| Description |

One of the last couple of photos I took during my outing with oXp. I think I have about one or two more for this session then I'm out of photos. Time for another session I think.. Hehe!!

| Photographer said.. |

I think I over did this one. Part of the sky where the was at was burnt out.. Kinda like where I am at the moment. Too many things to do, too little time. But back to the photo.. I tried to re do it again but I found out that the original photo had the sky burnt out too. My camera settings for this shot was wrong so I can't really do much about it now.

One thing I didn't realized until I had this photo on my computer screen was that I could see my car just at the distance on the right hand side.. Kacau eh..


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