iso [i, saw] ryan

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - What?!! What Look Look?!! - Vertorama
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

Ryan loves playing with water..

| Photographer said.. |

Again playing with layer masking, this is a combination of 5 photos for the lower part, and just one for the sky.

I can't say I'll be a very good people photographer. It's difficult trying to compose an image with 5 or more photos especially since they can't stand still!!


dnuur said...

cute Ryan...

nice photo...

best photographer...


PuppetPicasso said...

i love this picture.. three thumbs up!!

P/S - more tutorials pls.. heheh.. must learn from the best in the circle..

Out Of Focus said...

3 thumbs up? Out of berapa? 100? Hehe!! Nantilah pasal tutorial atu.. I wanna do a bit more experimenting b4 i tell u all about it..

Fly said...

Nice shot bro..aku memang kagum dengan hasil2 bro, lens Tamron 11-18 ni agak2 kalau duit malaysia berapa ye harganya?

PainQler said...

This would be a nice Family photo.

Beautiful day at the beach.
A calm sea..

A continuation of the previous pics posted[The waves].

observing the pics;

A splendid composition..why so?

Mommy looking at ryan, when ryan looking at babah.. Then babah looking at both whom he loves the most..which makes a happy family out to the beach..

P/s: info sikit bro..sna ada babes main volleyball kh? ehehehh..

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