iso [i, saw] tug of war

Photo by Dark Flashy | Title - Tarik..
ISO 320 | 50 mm | f/5.6 | 1/60 Sec

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The traditional tug-of-war championship Brunei Darussalam will be the curtain-raiser in Belait District to mark His Majesty's 63rd birthday celebration this year.

Organised by the Operation 'B' Belait Fire and Rescue Department, the tug of war is scheduled to take place at Padang Bandaran Kuala Belait starting from May 22 and will end on June 13.

The tug of war championship is organised to enliven the celebration this year and also to promote the competition to the Asean and international level through sports tourism.

More than 20 teams are expected to take part in the competition which is divided into four categories.

From Belait District, seven teams will be participating in Category A (for pullers below 70 kg); nine teams for Category B (10 members in weight not exceeding 1,100 kg), six teams for Category C (10 members in weight not exceeding 600 kg) and eight teams for Category D (open to government and private schools in Belait District from aged 12 and below).


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