iso [i, saw] the end of the auckland series

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Good Night Auckland - DRI
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
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It's time to say goodbye to the Auckland series.. Until next time..

Thanks for all the wonderful support and comments guys. Have a great weekend..

| Photographer said.. |

I'm getting mixed feelings about doing another project and I'm not sure whether to do one or not. I was hoping that by doing projects, people would start giving ideas or comments on others or help them out when they needed some. Don't get me wrong, there are some like that, but it stops there. I mean, when I look at other people's site, there weren't any support or comments at all other then when they're doing the project.

Other than taking photos, it was suppose to create some sort of community for all of us, to be closer and get to know one another, to be friends outside the blogging world.

I always tell people to leave comments or support on the project hoping that they would do so anyway even if when there was no project. I apologies to those who waited for the support but had non. It seems like I have made a dream world that never came true.

But I'm not about to give up that easily. I have hope.. Lets start with some suggestions.. What can we do for the next project?


Nai69 said...

Bro.. Wonderful picture. A really great shot. Really like the color of the river nyaman rasa mata meliat tenang fikiran...

Out Of Focus said...

Yeah man.. tenang banar. The thing about this photo is that when I took it, I didn't expect this sebab it was almost dark sudah and I thought the blue hour has passed. Tapi as it turned out it was beautiful so I started slowing down the shutter to make this DRI.

Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

Great Auckland series; u did a great job, wonderful photos. Love the sky on this one. It's hard to criticize when your photos are good hehe an honest opinion: your blog inspires me.

Out Of Focus said...

Thank you Dhani for ur kind words.

Lately a lot of the Brunei photogs has improved quite a bit and when u say things like that, I can't help but feel humbled.

Tapi now pressure tah ku ni kan post gambar.. takut inda lawa. Hahaha!!!

PainQler said...

This is Excellently captured!

Same Place, perhaps at the same spot u were standing. You turn yourself this time on ur left which potray this spectacular image. The view to the right, was superb! from the previous post.

Adding another credits to your previous posted pics.

Minor setback.
Situated on top of the building, there's a spot. Then on the 4th floor, two red mark, what is it?
[Define, the mark located?]

But yet.. it is still a good image taken. I'm looking at this pics while admiring every details..

On the other note:-
Perhaps this is things which leads to the downfall bringing the community together.

1] Act of selfishness [krg pics nya lawa]

2] looking down on others [perasan pandai..sma jua kabur pics nya]

3] Shy & unfriendly [nda ku kenal eih]

4] simply uninterested [malas ku ingau..typical bruneians]

5] wars of the brand camera[mana bleh campur camera ku g terror aah]

Could be one of those reasons. PainQ & Puppetpicasso have tried to bridge these gap, but we too have fail & the respond was not encouraging.

Frm my skeptical view.. those reasons is the major cause which really contribute to these failure.

I'm really displeased & kept those thoughts untill u've brought up this matter.

An absent in leadership, the one who have the ample time in conducting such interesting event, outings, gathering, sharing, etc..bal..bla..on & on..

The present time, you have shown that leadership bringing other's to participate & contribute. But when you stop on a hiccupps.. it also stops there..!

Looking now..
I can hear crickets in the distant.

Just sharing half a mind rather, than none.

Out Of Focus said...


You noticed that red dots.. Well if you must know, those are actually glares from the lights. Look closer and you can even see one in the sky on top of the building, one on the fourth balcony from the top and a few more beside the building. The cats out of the bag, no sense hiding it now. I just didn't realise it until I posted this photo and then thought, who's gonna say anything?

Damn you... Heheh!!

As for the downfall, maybe you're right about all you said, maybe you're not. But one thing I do know is that the reason why people post their photos is to show off their creativity. Hell that's why I do it and I can't see anything else. Let's be honest now, am I right?

And for that very reason, when someone said 'niiiice!!', you'll feel very much appreciated. So why not put yourself in other people's shoes and tell them how much you appreciate theirs. U scratch my back and I'll scratch yours..

And then slowly you can start to joke around like that damn PQ without having to feel offended. Hehe..

I have hope.. Don't worry.. I'll still share what I know and help when I can.

Thanks for your honest opinion man.

PainQler said...

I bite my own lips sometimes...
Thinking to myself..If all the comments i've made make ones suffer & ashamed..

But nonetheless.. it's a good sport.[What the F@#k am i saying]

No, i did not intend to get ppl down, it's just my opinion from the heart..

Nonetheless, i helps one to improved right..

Btw scratch & burn.. u'll win a jackpot dude...

Out Of Focus said...

Don't worry lah PQ, nobody ever reads when going into a photoblog. Liat saja is Puppet, I wrote all the details in my post and still he asks questions on whats already there.. Hehe!!

Jgn marah yerr Puppet.. U still Da MAN!!

On another note, looks like there's no interest in the project thingie.. not one single suggestion.. Cian aku..

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