iso [i, saw] the highway

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Road Rage 2 - Vert'oed + HDR
f8.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

Dnuur.. If you think my last post was spectacular, what do you think of this? Hehe!!

I took 7 sets of the MRT track yesterday. That means I had a total of 35 photos but non was to my liking.. so I came back here today. Hehe!!

The sky was a little better than yesterday, so that's one thing on my side. Then comes processing..

| Photographer said.. |

After yesterday's session, I came with a little preparation this time along with some patience. I brought my tripod to reduce the camera shake and I'm happy I did.

2 sets of 5 photo each set for the vertorama HDR. Layer duplicated and tweaked for the MRT track colors (on yesterday's post it was yellow and I didn't like that color). Saturations and levels increased.


VM said...

Luas pemandangan...i feel so small looking at it. Its a free big makes u feel like ders so much to offer.

Out Of Focus said...

Yeah.. I was a bit surprised at first because S'pore ani bukan nya byk places where u can find clear lands..

PuppetPicasso said...

thumbs up for this one bro. HDR but yet not too aggressive like some ppl...

pandanvilla said...

wow...i like tis pix the most.cantik yo.mesti beguru ni ma loh...

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks guys.. Yeah, I'm trying to do some HDRs in a softer sense.. But the sky has to be good to do this. Yatah aku garam ati and went back there to take some more shots.. hehe!!

Cybercanon said...

now this is much better...the skies is just beautiful~ and wait a minute...mcm bakas beputung saja rumput nya atu LOL...hehe good timing jua u went there ah hehehe

PainQler said...

This is indeed spectacular..
Adding to the recent credit given..

Somehow, i still love the previous posted bridge pics.
It got something to show!!

Doesn't mean this is not splendid..
It does..

But yet..
besides looking at the bridge & the sky, there's something a miss..

Well done for the colours, not to bright as it still maintain it's natural looks..

Bro cybercanon bnr jua nya bro, psal rumput nya baru beputung kali.. heheh

Out Of Focus said...

PQ - Got something to show? U mean the sky is not bare kah, unlike this one where it's clear..? Or is it the colors of the tracks?

Cybercanon - Awu.. Bemessage ku arah org putung rumputah betanya bila diorg free cos aku kan menggambar sana. Hahah!!

Thanks guys.

PainQler said...

Frm the recent post..

The previous posted pics, the far end got building it makes that pics looks enormously beautiful..
besides the minor set back..

It does potray a stunning image.
As for the colors is well done..
The sky is already splendid which add a distinct look..

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