iso [i, saw] my first sunrise

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Good Morning Auckland - Vertorama
f22.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire
| Description |

After working the whole night and half a day to get here, I couldn't help but go straight to bed when I got to the hotel. That was at 7 pm. Which could only mean one thing.. Awake by 3am.

So I did the only thing I could think of.. bitch about how tired I was but yet couldn't sleep. Hehe!! After an hour or so of that, I decided that maybe it would be a good time to catch my first sunrise.

Of course sunrise didn't come til 7 am, and that means I had 3 more hours of bitching. Hehehe..

| Photographer said.. |

Excited about my first sunrise photo, I thought about how to shoot it. Is it going to be HDR or DRI.. Vertorama? Definately.

Subuh was 6:54am and sunrise 8:25am. That means I had about 1 and a half hour to get the shot. I set off after solat.

It took me 20 minutes to get to the docks. I didn't know where the sun was going to be but thank my lucky stars that it was between 2 hills. It was beautiful as the photo shows.

| About the photo.. |

I didn't know what I was going to do yet so I just kept clicking the shutter. I took more than 80 photos and picked the best ones.

How many did I use? Two..

1/3rd of a second for the ground and sea, 1/13th of a second for the sun and sky. Both tweaked lightroom and then merged in CS3.


s167 said...

lawa~~...loving the colors of the sky bro..cant wait to see more...

Nai69 said...

Wonderful scene!Fantastic!
Beautiful shot and wonderful light. Best time of the day. Love the composition. Excellent work bro...

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks guys.. For a while I thought it was kinda boring with really nothing to show but the sky, waters and the sun.. but then again, with the sun as it is, nothing else matters.

PainQler said...

Sunrise at it's best in Auckland.
It does matter the most to the sunrise photo enthusiast.

It potray the sea, with alitte bit help from the deck ur standing.
The sea is broad & looks deep..
Sharks lurking below..

The sunrise somehow looked lusty..Rising up in between the cleavage of the hill.. How lucky!!

Ships passing by giving way for you to add to this already stunning image.. And the lighthouse stand erected in the morning..

This is impressive..

P/s: Lwa scenery nya dsna..Darn..
While i'm here bitching sunset at the beach & some tress..

PainQler said...


Let me do the sign language for you instead..


Bh lepak..

Dudsy65 said...

Bro.... this is cool, very very nice.

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