iso [i, saw] my last shot of the day

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - The End Of The Road - DRI
f5.6 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired| Description |

Hope you like this perspective. This one wraps up my Brunei series for awhile. Enjoy.

| About the photo.. |

I had to go down 2 f stops from my normal f7.1 to get a brighter shot for the foreground. I keep forgetting to bring my remote shutter release cord. 5 photos tuned in ACR then blended in CS3. Sharpening as required.


Farish Razali said...

I should get tutorial from you ariato huhu.. I tried but it was a failure spending the whole afternoon trying out editing like u did.. sighs not so good with these kind of editing lol!!! Did tried the email u sent still.. *betamu kirai wah*

the new ones i posted in hp blog was the one make me sleepy editing it.. nda menjadi lol!

PainQler said...

This is nice..
Well excuted pics..[overall]

One that can't get away looking without saying emm..perfect!!
It's just like a cut scene from a movie trailers....

P/s: Cerita antu di Empire kh ne bro?

PuppetPicasso said...

assalam.. i was thinking the same thing as PQ. this pic really look like a scene from a movie.. hi-def laa.. wonderful.. hi-rated pic..

s167 said...

great shot bro...waiting for the hantu to kluar in this scene hehe

Anonymous said...

Yeah I do like this perspective. Great shot. Lawa ni mcm ala-ala video clip or movie shot. Click the picture kmu, baru puas hati meliat hehehe canteek.

VM said...

nice bro...hw many pics is put in this ? it really does look like frm a movie scene...esok esok jadi producer lagi geng..buat movie.hehehe

Out Of Focus said...

Here we go again with the ghost thingie.. Hehe!! That wouldn't be a bad idea though... If only I had some one to act for me... Hmmm.. Hehehe.

VM, it's a 5 photo DRI. It's not a pano, I added the black borders because I didn't like the way I framed it.

oXp, ACR? Hehehe!!! hehehe!! HEhehe!! Hehehehehe!! It's just Adobe Camera Raw man..

Thanks guys for your comments.. Puppet.. I miss seeing you around. Jangan mengilang macam c maman ah.. hehehe!!

PainQler said...

A "ghost" is a new trend word here..
Seems like it's unlikely to fade away anytime soon..

Enjoy it, while it may last...

Puppetpicasso had some ideas today!
We will resume our outings somehow,somewhere anytime soon..

I ran out of pics & i had no ideas, the ideas i have in mind had been done a few weeks ago.

I'm back to where i first started off..Damn!!

Yes, where is maman nowadays..Missing that man..
I should make a poster of a lost Friend..

To whom it may concern..
Dear anyone, i'm writing this for a cause of finding my long lost friend. Last seen was 5weeks ago & tha last project together was about the car project!!

So i'm hoping to lure him out from his hibernations & back out there hunting for pics..

Damn!! where's my wallet!!
I should but me a "Ghost" [heheh]

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