iso [i, saw] a boat

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - First Class Seat - Vertorama - HDR
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

Yesterday was a public holiday in Singapore. It's her birthday, 44th National day, so I decided to take my wife and kid to the beach.

Lucky me to have spotted this docked at the shore.

| Photographer said.. |

A 5 photo HDR for the lower part and one exposure for the clear blue skies. I know you all miss it. Hehehe!!


Cybercanon said...

lawa bro! bah kan kemana kitani ne? hahaha

Munira Kirana said...

leh tanye sikit?
name guna shutter speed ea?
nyway chantek sgt...
mcm biasa la.. prokan... =)

Out Of Focus said...

Munira.. Sorry yerr.. I tak faham lah apa u tanya. Hehe. Thanks for the kind words..

PainQler said...

On holiday, at the beach?
Taking a snap of a boat with the blue skies! Damn..[envy]

How lovely.
It's been awhile now, since my last visit here.

I've been busy & stress!
But seeing this really helps to forget the world i live in..

How i wish, scampering at the beach again..Not just any beach..

P/s: Marak mataku 2 eih mu di Miami.. Sama c puppet lagi toh..

Dhani said...

Aahh lovely man. suuweettt. the boat, the sky, everything looks so fine. i miss shooting scenery. this is like penawar rindu hehe! Thanks brader for sharing.

VM said...

i want to go to miami and take pictures of miami ink :P

Out Of Focus said...

Munira, I use manual mode. Shutter speed tu I letak various sebab I use more than one speed tuk buat HDR.

PQ, good to have u back.. U are back, right? Jgn stress sangatlah brader.. Relax one corner je.. Hehe!!

Guys, thanks for the kind words..

burt said...

nice pic bro...ajar aku cmne nak edit cmni heheh

Out Of Focus said...

Burt. There's 3 things you need to know about this photo.. Vertorama, different exposures and HDR.

The first 2 I dah letak tutorial kat atas, left side third tab, yg ada bintang biru tu.. Hehehe!!

HDR... I tak tau macamana nak explain lah bro. Try googling photomatrix and download it.Thanks for dropping by.

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