iso [i, saw] a fault

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Disconnected
f1.4 | focal length : 50mm | ISO 400 | shutter speed : 1/6sec | flash : not fired| Description |

I'm getting a little fed up with this blogger thing.. I heard there was an attack on some of the servers on google, twitter, facebook.. It's a Distributed Denial of Service virus I think aka DDoS.

Since I can't upload any photos, I thought I'd just reuse some of my past time favourites which was already uploaded.

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I'm off to Sharjah tomorrow for a few days.. Have a happy weekend guys...


Anonymous said...

Flickr pun sma, problematic im having bad internet connection lgi, ahh u gonna blame windows right? right? hehehe!

Anyways, the photo: awww back to memory lane ni, reminds me of my early days of photoblogging, baru2 hehe And also reminds me of ISO's old blog template, these little ppl shots were among some dat amazed me back on those days, and now look at ISO, semakin mantap dan maju, well done guys. I like the concept of this photo, the story is there, humour, nice bokeh. Bila lgi ada these kind of projects? :)

Hope the blogger thingy will be resolved soon brader, i'll keep pressing refresh ni on my keyboard, no pressure eyyy hehe! happy weekend to u2 as well as others visiting here =)

Munira Kirana said...

suke tgok makro...
hehe mmg terbaik la...
nak menuntut ilmu bleh?

aleh said...

yap virus attack...pening-pening.
anyway...nice pic bro..tangkap lagi gambar macro....i tunggu.

PainQler said...

The internet was in dire straits..
The little ppl..
seen piss off with the current situation...
And decided to cut off from being attack..

I wonder..

What rights are they denying?
Them or Us..

Out Of Focus said...

Aleh.. I posted a few dah dulu.. Goto the top, click search then type 'little people'.

Out Of Focus said...

Munira.. I bukan cikgu. Hehe!!!

CC, Alum macro tu bro... If you want Macro, take a look at NCE's Decreativity website. He has the most beautiful macro shots I've seen in ages.

Dhani, Haha!! I can't believe u remembered our template. Hehe.. I think I went overboard sana with all the links and other stuff. Hehehe!!

PQ, they are denying us of life's little pleasures.. Hehe.

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