iso [i, saw ] infront of behind

Photo by overXposed Title - Burung - DRI
f/13 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various

| Description |

Remember when i say " There is a story ' behind ' this photo. "?, well this is another teaser. When me and OOF shooting at this angle, passers by were curious of what actually we were aiming for, they have to come closer and bend over and look at what are we actually taken, then they just left with a smile, hehe... all in the name of photography.

4 photos of 30s, 20s, 15s and 10s exposures.


VM said...

burung!! mana burung! ahahahaha
memang la org pass by meliat tekirik kirik ketawa

PainQler said...

Siapa betilanjang tu?

Ok lh view nya..
Org Melayu ne..
Sal juburnya itam dikit toh..

All in the name of photography..
Mesti sclupturer nya bini2 ne yang buat...


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