iso [i, saw] sharjah pt VI

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Made Of Gold - DRI + Vertorama
f22.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire| Description |

The Gold Souk.. or Gold Market.

There are at least one in every state in The UAE where you can find gold molded into many shapes and sizes, to be sold as necklaces, bracelets or rings. You can bargain for the best prices and walk away with plenty.

This building is big, took me 10 minutes to walk from one end to the other and there's two of them side by side.

It is best to AVOID this place when bringing your love ones. Hehe!!

| Photographer said.. |

If I'm out photographing all by myself, I always have my iPhone with me, listening to music while shooting scenes.

That particular night, I heard a faint cry calling 'please... please!!'. I took off my headset and looked around. A small boy was calling for me to take his photo. Hehe.. Kasian eh. 'Please sir... Take my photo please!!' he said.. and so I did.

I has to whack up my ISO to 1600 to get a clear shot of his face. Either that or ask him to sit still for 30 seconds. Hahah!!

Here's his photo..


overXposed said...

kesian jua anak atu bro, nda ko antar k rumah nya tarus....mana tau ada big sis tu Bui,,,*kirai*kira*...
ok back to the photo...nice reflections on the tiles...very clean eh....

Fly said...

pembiasan rona warna bangunan tu cantik bro

Farish Razali said...

hahaha mcm I was concentrate reading the whole text and at the end yang pacah tawa ku hahahahaha!!!!

"Either that or ask him to sit still for 30 seconds. Hahah!!.." I did that!! to my friend.. lol!!!! nway.. kurang tia pahala puasa ku.. ketawa nda pedah2.. astaaa~

But yea this photo remind me of 2 boy from somewhere who asked me to take their photo while i was seeking something to take around madewa area.. arah Mangrove area.. haha till now I didnt came back there.. ntah anak jelama banar kah jua nda.. ishhh~

s167 & Dva said...

lawa the reflection bro..wonder if tahan anak atu if di suruh stand for 30 sec ehhe..

VM said...

hehehe...i love that building. Mcm sparkling...

heheh and d kid...cali in a good way. kesian... mun aku geng ku tarus posing brabis. :P

PainQler said...

Scenery comes begging..
And u didn't miss capturing such a lovely scenery..Great!!!

The reflections of the gold market? reflected down on the tiles was indeed stunning!!!

Simply breathtaking!!!

A good deed, you manage to be persuade by a kid to take up his photo & posted it here..

All in all..
A great marksmen shoot..

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