iso [i, saw] this from 35000 feet

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Borderline - Vertorama
f8.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/800sec | flash : not fired| Description |

I'm a little busy with my simulator at the moment so here's one processed a while ago.

Nothing much to show here except a slight change in vegetation. If you look closely, between the change there is actually a road. That's the border between India and Pakistan, the latter being greener.

I can't quite understand why there is that change.. Wallahu a'lam bissawab.

Can you see a white spot on the right side just above the horizon? That tiny little speck is the moon..

You can spot this at night when lights lit the road up. That's how we know when we've crossed the border.. except when we're in clouds, then all we know is that we're lost in space... again!! Hahaha!!


Cybercanon said...

bro are you flying a plane or a spaceship? LOL haha!!

Dhani said...

This kind of shot is killing me OOF hehe! simply breath-taking. can't stop staring at it, how amazing, how nice. Life is wonderful, indeed.

Out Of Focus said...

I guess I better stop posting this kind of shots or all the regulars will be dead and the new visitors will be afraid to come.. Hahahah!!

Thanks guys..

aleh said...

oof...bila nak ajak saya ambil foto dari plane...cun tu..

burt said...

so damn nice broooo....arrghhh i f dapat amik pic aurora lagi cool but aurora only happen at north n south pole

Out Of Focus said...

Oh burt.. If you only knew.. Hehe!! I dah tengok dah when I was in Anchorage Alaska. Time winter je and it has to be tempat gelap,, bukan dekat kawasan bandar..

I tak sanguplah bro nak gi hutan time winter. It gets down to minus 40 degrees celcius. Too cold for me man..

Thanks for the comment.

Aleh, u beli tiket dulu lah den baru bole ikut. Hahaha!!

PainQler said...

35000 ft..
Imagine falling from that height...

I can see everything..
This is great..

i can see india & Pakistan...
But i can't seem to find Popostan...

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