iso [i, saw] melbourne pt IV

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Street Lamps - DRI
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

There's those buildings again..

This is about the only place I know I can get good (enough) night shots. I'm a little worried now.. I'm heading there again sometime next month and already I'm thinking where I can go to shoot something different.

Maybe PQ can arrange his friend who (I think) is studying in Melbourne to take me somewhere different, somewhere outside of the city..

What say you oh buddy oh pal of mine... Hehe!!!

| Photographer said.. |

5 photo DRI tuned in CS3 only.


Farish Razali said...

Those trees on the right remind me on Harry Potter scene lol!! ^.^ somehow i love this shot Oof~hehe! with the lamp post..

Farish Razali said...

sapa sanggup gambar aku? haha!! portraiture~huhu ^.^ but pls dont make me stay still for 30sec.. going to kill the photographer.. lol!!!! Mun aku berdiir bawah lampu tu cun tu.. ekekeke *kirai-kirai*

Cybercanon said...

nice colours bro...the light post is just the main object there...very beautiful and amazing nda jua overexposed please hehe

Munira Kirana said...

dah kat melbourne lak oof nie..
bestnye jadi oof...
bleh berjalan2...
mmg suke ambik gmbar malam ea? =)

Out Of Focus said...

FR, ariatu aku kan gambar inda ko mau!! Are u sure you want it now? Hehehe!!

Munira, gambar malam is my favorite, especially during the blue hour.

Many thanks people..

Farish Razali said...

Ceh! si oof tah plng LOL!!!! hahaha~kunpem di suro nya stand still 30sec.. HAHAHA!! nada nada.. tunggu tah ku ke SG lagi~hehe Wah batah ee confirmation flight ku ne.. dangan ke sana busy saja bah.. huhu ^.^ sibuk2 ku mengambar org diri sendiri inda pernah kena gambar chewahhhhh~

deya said...

wuah! melborne!!!! oh i miss aussie so much :(

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