iso [i, saw] melbourne pt V

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Melbourne Days - HDR
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire
| Description |

Munira commented on my last post that I liked doing night shots.. That's true. I love doing them especially during the blue hour (in case you don't know what the blue hour is, its just after sunset before it gets really dark).

However, that doesn't mean I can't do day shots like this one. Bare in mind though, I tend to do them in the most complicated way I could think of. Hehe!! I could have easily done this with one shot but that wouldn't be me.

This is a 5 photo (with different exposures) HDR tuned in Photomatix. I didn't stop there. I tuned it again in CS3 for levels and color saturation, tweaked the white balance a little and then sharpen the photo.

Then, I cloned in the people walking from one of the original photo because the HDR produced 'ghost shadows' on the walking people.

That's about wrapped up my day's work with this photo..

| One more thing.. |

I'm off to work today. Definitely no updates tomorrow but not sure about the next day.


Fly said...

salam bro, saja melawat bro setelah baru sahaja menikmati juadah bersahur..seperti biasa gambar yang sangat menarik

Cybercanon said...

wah...buat HDR yaa~ haha...bah cmana tu clone thingy ah hehehe...

Munira Kirana said...

wah da smpai melboourne la...
honeymoon ke?
ambik gmbar byk2 tau =)

Out Of Focus said...

CC, actually the more easier way to do it is to put the original photo layer underneath the HDR photo and then just slowly erase the HDR photo with the 'ghost' people to reveal the 'no ghost' people.. Ada faham..? Hehe!!

Out Of Focus said...

VM, Ngaleh ku becerita, it's on the title and the description. It's in Melbourne baby. Hehe!!

Does anyone read my posts anymore?!! Thanks VM. Nanti tani sampaikan hajat take photos di Brunei ah. Ariatu inda sampat.

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