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Customized by Out Of Focus | Phone by Apple Inc
iPhone 3G | white | 16gig| Description |

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy with this.. A customized, jail broken iPhone 3G. A little something for oXp and DF to think about. Heheh!! Oh!! This one is for our ex member View Finder too.

It all started when oXp showed me his new iPhone 3Gs and criticized the speed of mine. So I did a full restoration and jail broke it again and started playing with it. Its a little faster now than before though not as fast as his kick 's' iPhone, but at least mine is more eye soothing. Haha!!

I'm especially proud of the digital clock and the also the weather icon, bottom 4th column, updates itself every hour.

Not yet finished but it'll have to do for now. I'm leaving for Auckland and Melbourne tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get some photos there.

Selamat Hari Raya to all. Sorry for not visiting your sites and greet you all. It is after all the season where you spend most of the time on the road.

Have a happy weekend guys..


KUNYANYANG... said...

well done bro...can u put that in the tutorial section as well? hehehe

Out Of Focus said...

thanks guys.. Kunyanyang. I can't put up a tutorial on this cos that would mean I have to upload the icons and wall paper..

Tell u what, u ask me what u wanna know, and I'll see if I can answer..

Out Of Focus said...

The phone needs to be jailbroken first man.. Do u know how to jail break it?

[ x3r0 ] said...

yea, jb 3.1.2
which theme is this
or did u mix and match

Out Of Focus said...

Mix and match.. Drop me an email at, along with a donation cheque. Hehe!! And I'll try to write u a tutorial by the end of the day..

Kalo ada masa ah bui.. No promises. Just drop me ur email..

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