iso [i, saw] ryan

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - The Look
f7.1 | focal length : 50mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/250 sec | flash : did fire
| Description |

I remember how he use to stand completely still every time I point a camera at him and started counting. How he use to smile or even strike a pose back when he was only 3-4 months old..

Not anymore. I don't know how he does it but he always managed to turn his head around a millisecond before I pressed the shutter. This was one of my lucky days, shot when we were trying out his 'baju melayu' for Hari Raya..


Syairazi said...

Hehe. lucky shot eh. hehe. i like your setups. lightings apa pakai bro?

Out Of Focus said...

Dnuur - apa kawaii ani kan? Hehe!!

Syai - lucky?!! Hehe!! Setupnya is biasa saja. Flash bounced from ceiling.. It's the processing man. I'll try to post the original photo soon.. Sibuk masani..

dnuur said...

Kawaii means cute banar. Bahasa Jipun... hehe...

Syairazi said...

Yup, that's one lucky shot when in a millisecond he always turn away, that gives you 10% to press the shutter accurately. hehe

Kawaii means cute, it pronounce kaway-e hehe. I think he's kawaii like you when you're a kid. :D

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