iso [i, saw] one from the archieve

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Reflections - Vertorama + HDR
f11.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire| Description |

It seems like the Raya season is still not over here in Singapore! Barely 24 hours after I got back, I'm running around again, hopping from one house to another.

I managed to get a few shots in Melbourne, but no time to process it yet. In the mean time, here's one from Amsterdam.

Sorry guys for the lack of updates.


PuppetPicasso said...

this is more like it.. a postcard potential. hehe.. a question bro.. did you increase the ISO when you're snapping this one? i thought i saw a puddycat.. no bro, i tot i saw some noise at the lower left side. on the boat (and reflection) the bicycle and the head lampsAnd i notice on the left upper side, the leaves is not that sharp.. is it the processing?

i havent tried any of your techniques yet.. i'm sure its the processing part..

other than that i love the view. the framing, the precise focal point and lines.. a great picture.. i envy you bro..

keep it up.. thumbs up..

VM said...

nice one bro.i think pasal the leaves are not staying still.hehehe...

i love the water reflection.something i havent do in d day. water reflection.

Fly said...

seperti biasa gambar2 bro ambik mmg superb..

burt said...

same like VM i like water relection too...cantik bro nice

Out Of Focus said...

PP, it's the processing, bro. This always happens when I do HDR in Photomatix, you get a little noise in the process.

If you envy me, shoot something and return the favor. Hehe!!

VM, yeah, the reflections takes a bit of luck.. you got to look at where the sun is to get that kind of reflection.

Akulensa, fly and burt, thanks man.

[ PhotoCreator ] said...

lawa lawa lawa.. ;) like this so much!! Bro, aku pernah cuba main hdr na mau mjdi bh hmmm iatah smpai nada hati kn main lgi! Maybe it's enuff for me mliat urs sja haha thanks ;p

Out Of Focus said...

Looking is never enuff!! Yu gotto want MORE!!! Keep trying lah, I'm sure one of ur friends pandai. U cud ask him. Kalo aku sana, mesti ku ajar..

Thanks man.

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