iso [i, saw] this from the balcony

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - A View To Die For - DRI + Verto'ed + Pano'd
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire| Description |

I guess I spoke too soon.. I did manage one from LA. Woohoo!! ...and what a photo it turned out to be!!

As you can see there are no tall buildings around. Everything is flat.

Looking at this photo reminded me how much I miss shooting the sunset. It's been awhile since I done one. The blue hour makes up for the missing sun.

So how many shots did I take for this photo? This photo consists of 4 parts, top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. One photo each for the tops since its a panorama (so that's 2 in total) and 5 photos each for the bottom since its DRI (so that's 10 in total) making it a 12 shot photo.

Too much? Well the photo says it all.

| Photographer said.. |

I'm heading to Hong Kong next. I don't think there's any internet available there in the hotel so no updates from me for a while..

Happy Wednesday people.


Maman said...
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Maman said...

too much? well, you can't just get something nice with just a blink of an eye!!

Mesti bekarih kali ah kalau mau bisai.

Great Panorama! Love the blue sky, love the lights of the city far behind, love the pool!.. hehehe,love everyhing. nice one man!

Maman said...

VM, wish I was on the pool swimming, or just relaxing when OOF took this picture. that will be great eh!

deya said...

love the sky :)

oh you've been to LA ? grr ,jelouse . haha xD

Anonymous said...

I like the view, I like the blue sky, great shot man!

VM said...

Maman... macam pimp tia.hehehhe
boleh plang...mun nda nanti di hotel empire ka...ko swimming aku mengambar dari atas. :P

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