iso [i, saw] this from my window

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - When Darkness Falls - DRI + Vertorama
f20.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire
| Description |

As soon as I got in the hotel, the sun has set revealing the blue tint that hovers the sky for a few minutes.. I quickly unpacked my gear and set my camera through the window.. even before I changed from my uniform.

I had hoped to get a higher leveled room but this was all they could spare me.. Too bad.

This would be all that I could manage for my trip to Osaka because tomorrow I head back to Singapore.

Happy Deepavali guys...


sFr3e said...

Siuk eyh....but then again....owez stunning pics from u. Cantek!!

PainQler said...

Simply stunning..
An eye-catching pics..

Light trails g tu..
Ne kai slow shutter jua bro ambik..
Be kraja tu bnar..
P end product nya Cannteekkk!!

burt said...

nice shoot bro + dgn light trail lagi...terbaeekkk

VM said...

the blue sky is awesome. the well lighted buildings. to top it up the light trail. nice DRI bro...and vertorama lagi... bnyk kraja bnr

dnuur said...

siok eh... osaka, japan... next 2 years ku melancong k sana... hehe... gomenasai...

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