iso [i, saw] the eye

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - The Eye
f5.6 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 200 | shutter speed : 1/125sec | flash : not fired
| Description |

Not one of my best shot but the weather was not forgiving.. Shot taken on the 'Duck Tour' rides when we were crossing the river..


wanzie said...

wah..siuk sul nya...dari desert..pastu keSungai plang..niec pics..

Dhani said...

nice nice, gotta love black and white, good job bro.

PainQler said...

I've seen better shot than this.
Putting it in black & white really makes it dull & boring.

Still the best, was the flyers shot on the streets a couple months ago..
That shot was really awesome..

But then, whose to know..
You are still the best!!

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