iso [i, saw] the sunset

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Full House - Vertorama + HDR
f22.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 500 *damn*| shutter speed : various | flash : not fired| Description |

I finally got the chance today to go do some light chasing and since it has been awhile I ruined it by forgetting to reset my ISO setting. Damn... The other thing I didn't count on was that since it was the weekend, the place was flocking with photographers. I counted twelve.

I was wondering why I had to whack up my aperture to f22 and I just couldn't figure out why it was difficult for me to go to my usual 30 second exposure.

Now I have to wait a few more months before I can get a decent shoot..


wanzie said...

lawa bro..cana kn tu buat vertorama a?? n dimana tu??

Maman said...

Hehe twelve ah.. by just looking this picture, i myself would love to go there, maybe snapping in different angle.

Wrong setting with the camera?
Well, from my point for view, the outcome still looks fine with me! Stunning!

Out Of Focus said...

Wanzie. Adatu tutorialnya at the top of this site under 'Tutorials'. Give it a try mate.

Maman. It could be better. Hehe!! Thanks man.

Dhani said...

The outcome still looks awesome, love the sky ambience, and the whole angle where this shot was taken is simply brilliant.

dnuur said...

wow... i wanna go to this place one day... :)love the water and sky so much...

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