iso [i, saw] brunei's uniqueness

Photo by overXposed Title - So Golden - DRI
f/22 | focal length : 20mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various

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I have been wanting to this, a night shot of the mosque and DRI it. I was left wondering of how some photogs are able to take photos of this awesome building, oh by the way it was surrounded by metal fence, so how did they. So there i was ahead of OOF and DirTy SenSor searching for an openings. I found a way across the fence but it was not safe for tripods. Then, from outside the fence perimeters, we tried shoving the lens slowly into the small gap in the fence, it was just merely fit. Thus makes me think, the guy who designed the fence must be a photographer as well.


wanzie said...

bro, ke Kiri lagi bro..ada pagar biyut muat2 badan tu bro..n dapat pakai tripod jua..shot sebalah kanan kapal tu..

PainQler said...

Beautifully done.

The guy who did designed the fence, was puppet..
So it's easier for photographers, knowing that you'd be there. He'd just makes things a little bit edgy..hehehe..

Out Of Focus said...

Whatever happened to puppet huh? He's been missing for a long time now...

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