iso [i, saw] the city

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - In The Night - DRI
f6.3 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire| Description |

I've been waiting to get this for quite a while. If it weren't for my little bro (who happen to be one year older today), I'd probably wouldn't have it now.

It was a shame that the night was already dark. I need to go there again for a more dramatic view.


Cybercanon said...

lawa bro! nda membawa2 eh~ i need to learn to this from u hehehe~ great shot! well done!

wanzie said...

ngalih ku mikir kn tmpt bro menembak ani..upanya di paking betingkat..bebayar bro klu mlm? or jalan kaki naik keatas..ngalih tu ee..

btw, apa mksd DRI?? ada tutorial nya?? hehehe..mau jua mencuba~~ :)

i Like~~~

[ PhotoCreator ] said...

haha u're totally crazy man!! u've described the triumph of our Brunei is so beautiful at night... very well done!!! i can't imagined to shoot from here haha for sure, lpas ani panuh tia parking betingkat ne haha

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks guys. Mestilah try something different. Mesti semangat yo!!!

Dunno when kami kesana lagi, maybe next trip aku balik sini lagi mentry. We parked the car d bawah then go to security minta permission to go to the top floor. If u be nice, they'll be nice too. Biasalah aku... Charming. Haha!!!

Wanzie.. Email me at n I'll send u the tutorial.

burt said...

nice beautiful....bila la kita leh join venture

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