iso [i, saw] singapore

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - 50 Storey High - DRI + Panorama
f11.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired| Description |

One minute and forty three seconds was how long it took me to get up there by the elevator!!

This shot was taken after a disappointment of trying to get the city in full view. The inner metal railing (as seen in this shot) was the main culprit. Because of this the outer railing blocked the scene.


wanzie said...

wah~~ luv it bro..ato batah bro..aku baru naik tinggal 16, ayung tia dlam lif a..ani 50..lagi tia x..hahaha..brapa shot ni bro?? 2 or 3?

bila la aku punya turn ke Singapore..hehehe

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks guys..

Wanzie, 4 photos on the left, 4 on the right. Total 8 photos. Slowest speed was 15 seconds and the fastest was half a second.

I think the next time aku kesana, I wanna jump the first rail to get a better view... if I can hide from security guards that is... Hehe!!

wanzie said...

8 shot bro?? wow!! tp nda panjang a..u shot vertical x..

bro, aku btnya ni..lens 50mm f1.8 and Tamron 11-18mm mcm kita atu di singapore brapa harga nya?? hehe..natau aku sampai nnti kesana..

Nai69 said...

Still nice panorama even though blocked by railing.

Out Of Focus said...

Wanzie, let's try this again... 4 shots to make one DRI photo for the left side, another 4 to make anther DRI for the right side. Then the 2 photos stitched up to make one panorama. That's why inda panjang. So its a panorama of 2 photos and each of the 2 photo is a 4 photo DRI. So that's a total of 8 photos of which 4 of them is of the same photo but different expsures so that I can make a DRI for the left side and another 4 are also of the same photo but different exposures too and slightly to the right so that I can join the 2 to make a panorama.

Is that clear enough?

I'll find out the price for u when I get the chance k. If u want, u can buy my Tamron for 350$. Aku kan upgrade. Hehe!!

Nai.. Thanks man.

Cybercanon said...

kenapa ya lama sangat atu bro naik elevator ah hehe...i'm not familiar of the place but surely its a nice view from up there huh!

wanzie said...

hahaha..babal jua aku atu a..ok2, paam dah ku~~ hehehe..

Jual kh?? tepaksa tah ngumpul duit b4 bro balik ke Brunei ni..hehehe

bayar bintang buleh~~ hahaha

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