iso [i, saw] the brand again

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Turn The Beat Around!
f5.0 | focal length : 18mm | ISO 400 | shutter speed : 1/20th sec | flash : did not fire| Description |

This is the third Beats headphones I bought in the span of less than 2 months.. but it doesn't necessarily means that all 3 are mine.. Heh heh..

I got this for oXp, and with the highest respect to his property, I'm not gonna shoot what's inside. I'll leave that to the owner.. when he has his hands on it that is. Sabar ah.. I still got over a week before I'm done with this flight and then there's this slight problem of trying to find a way to get it back to Brunei.. Hee!!

I did have a go at it, have a feel at what it sounds like. I listen to the same song with the same iPhone at the same volume. I don't care what you said about what you read in the magazine, oXp, but my Studio beats your Solo hands down.

Now to have a go at dirTy seNsoR's Beats Tour...

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