iso [i, saw] day four

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Better Than TV - DRI + HDR
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire| Description |

This is sunny Alaska.. sunny, but freezing! It was warmer than yesterday though. Minus 4 degrees celcius, but with the wind chill factor added to it, it felt more like minus 10.

I found an area where there weren't any foot prints. It was behind a fence and I had to crawl through a small opening between it. Heh heh.. So what about my foot prints? Well I set up my camera and took a photo (well five actually.. its HDR.) of it first and then set my timer on and carefully without leaving too much prints and then just photoshopped myself in. Heh heh!! The sky is another 3 shots taken at a slightly later time (because the sun's position was at a better place than the previous 5) tonemapped in photomatix.

Total shots for this picture? Nine... Well worth every single one. Here's the opening I went through. You got to be a little adventurous, right?


wanzie said...

wah..siuk bro ada salji sana?
or tni patut besyukur dBrunei nada salji?

9 pic bro?? tegak bnr kita berdiri tu e..bek nda baku?? hehe

nice bro~~

Out Of Focus said...

Saljinya syok pulang.. tapi sajuknya inda syok.. Hehe!! If you want to know how cold it is here, its not like if you put your hand in the freezer and wait a few minutes before you feel the cold.. Its more like if you really grip an ice cube the size of a tennis ball and just hold it for a few seconds.. Your hands feel numb.. That's how cold it is here if you don't where a glove.

Inda cool tu bro... Hehe!!!

Fly said...

sory bro lama x singgah sini, apa khabar? tetap mantap tembakan bro..

Vasudha said...

Alaska! thats cool. Its on my "go to" list. And your picture captures the nobody out there but me feel very nicely. Maybe someday.

Out Of Focus said...

Fly. Thanks man.

Vasudha. You should definitely come to Alaska. It's a nice little town and everyone is friendly. Everytime I pass by someone jogging during my walk along the bike trek, they smiled at me.. I was starting to think that there was something stuck on my face.. Heh heh!! Thanks for your kind words man.

VM said...

hehehe i love the skies. And i find it cool there is no foot prints. Good one bro

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