iso [i, saw] the jungle

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Mystic Greens - Vertorama
f2.8 | focal length : 18mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/50sec | flash : not fired
| Description |

Another attempt at doing something different. This time I went for green. I'm also trying to include people in my photos, not as easy as it seems. Telling your someone who is not a model to act natural may look unnatural instead.. And if you can get a female model to work for you may cause unnatural disasters to head your way.. Marah karang bini yo!!! Haha!!

What I did here.. Other than the obvious color change, I was trying to create a sum beam shining through the trees tapi unsuccessful. It turned out to be misty instead, though it did looked kinda cool to me. I know there's a sun beam Photoshop filter floating in the internet there somewhere. I'll find it soon enough..

Thanks to my dear wife. She's a good sport for trying to take part in something I like doing most.

| Photographer said.. |

I'm flying off again. This time its a long trip.. 17 days to be exact!! I'll try to update when I can and visit your sites too..


Out Of Focus said...

Wanzie Thanks.. No comments on my photo? Hehe!!

KantaLensa said...

nice one bro. I think if the background a bit darker it will look like light coming in through a hole in the trees... sorry my imagination running wild.

btw have a nice trip.

akulensa said...

gile cantik bro..bila nk kongsi ilmu editing ni..

PainQler said...

Were you swinging on the tree branch?
I bet seeing some..

iRis said...

The best so far... this time you really impress me dude.

dnuur said...

lawa2... siok usulnya wah mun kan beriadah... :)

Out Of Focus said...

Thank you guys for your kind words.

Kantalensa, my thoughts exactly. However, I didn't think about the editing part until I did the editing. Hehe!! If I darken it artifically, it would merge well with the natural lighting so I had to leave it as it is.

iRis, coming from someone who is hard to impress, that means a lot man.. It also means a lot more pressure on my shoulder for the next one. Haha!!!

DaniXP said...

dude... bah ajar eh how u do the editing... hehehe... nice one bro..

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