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Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Come Sit With Me - Vertorama
f4.5 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/100th sec | flash : did not fire*click on photo for a better view*

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It's day 15 and I'm heading to Dubai, my final stop before going back to Singapore, but let's take a break from my flight for today..

This was taken before my flight at Singapore's Botanical Garden. I've been wanting to try out this post editing thing I had in my mind lately but the photos I have are just not fit to be edited that way.

This one is not so bad though... I think. I usually ask for your opinion but... you know what happens then.

ISO guys, next time I go back Brunei, we head for the jungle okay?

Oh!! Check this out...


wanzie said...

nice bro..

u ask for our opinion?? susah bro, lawa2 ba..yatah payah..hehehe

1.erm..yg glowing atu 1 layer kn..yatah aku ternampak cuting nya pat kursi..alum cukup feather x..

2.and editing gmbar yg kn berlipat atu, shadow nya dari up-left kn, so, yg kn terlipat atu bro bagi shadow sikit.hehe

atu comment dari aku lah..nda tau dari urg, f aku salah jua, lawa bro gmbar ni..

Out Of Focus said...

Yeah... I'd like to know what you think in case I missed something. Like wat u said about the feathering thing. Did u see how many holes there were on the chair? Heh heh. After the fifth hole, I got a bit sloppy. Took me almost 2 hours to edit this.

Plus... We'll hv a good community if we start writing on each others post. We will improve when we help each other out, right?

I use to write comments on others thinking they will return the favour but I gave up on that because they never did write back.

About the paper editing... Atu aku main main saja. I care more about the photo editing than the paper..

Thanks Wanzie. Will return the favour when u update ur blog. Hehehe!! Update ah.

VM said...

Dude ur version of the forest is da bomb on shutterazi's

in this photo..i didnt realize after u mention abt the holes. The glowing part is just the top n background right ? no ?

wanzie said...

aku nmpak satu line tmpat penyandaran dekat pokok atu and tmpat penyandaran tangan jua..

bah...i'll update soon..hehehe

Out Of Focus said...

Wanzie.. Okay okay, I got the picture.. Heh heh!!

VM. Thanks for that comment on Shutterrazi's photo. That was cool, wasn't it. Padahal aku main main saja. Hehe!!

The glowing part atu, I don't quite understand. If u're talking about the mist atu, well it was suppose to be macam d belakang saja which was y I had to do something about the foreground (chair and Ryan)..

Just trying to waste time here when I have nothing else to do...

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