iso [i, saw] amsterdam

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Amsterdam - 360 VR

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Here's a 360 view of Amsterdam. Now you can roughly get a feel at how its like there.

The sky was pretty good that day that a couple of airplanes left their trails in the blue yonder. I took this view from one of the many bridges over the canals all over the town. The lines on the roads are tramp tracks, something like a train only slower and powered by the cables you can see hanging from buildings to buildings.

It was a nice cool 14 degree day.. I'm missing it now with the heat wave of around 32 degrees in Singapore...


wanzie said...

Macam nda bnyak keta..banyak org pakai basikal, roller skate pun ada..

Amsterdam ani kira town kh ni? bandar nya tah udah ni??

Syairazi said...

Wow! This is a great shot! Have you tried their greens. XD

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