iso [i, saw] amsterdam

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Amsterdam Again - 360 VR

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Here's another view of Amsterdam if you can't get enough of the 360VR.


Anonymous said...

Lawaaaa!!!!!! kool kool!!! well done bro..

wanzie said...

tp disini ani apakn? Tmpt tinggal or tmpt shoping??

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks guys.

Wan! Sori sori. Sibuk ku sikit kan mengomen. Hehe!!
Amsterdam is a city in holland. Tmpt ani is the town area tmpt shopping. Aku went just alittle out of the shopping area so tmpt ani tmpt org tinggal. They use boats and bikes to go around town tapi ada kerita jua.

The shopping area don't have car parks to avoid congestions so most people walk or ride bikes.

Nanie said...

Fuyooo!.. terbaiklah... macammanalah nak buat boleh pusing2 nih...

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