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Photo by Dark Flashy | Title - Children Who Do Not Want To Go To School

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Identify why they are not wanting to go to school. Children have a ton of reasons why they may avoid school. It can be everything from separation anxiety to anxiety over grades or learning problems to peer conflicts, including bullying. We all tend to be curious and social by nature and school is an experience that fills those needs. If children do not want to attend, there is a reason. Talk to them. Often children will tell us. If they do not want to talk, then talk to the teacher, the bus driver, their friends, etc. and find out what is going on. If a child suffers in silence the situation will just get much worse.


azri said...

i think i've seen him before.. hmm.. can u show the ori image, hehe it always does look like in a studio.. rugged mann~

wanzie said...

editing rugged udah bro..
tp klu mau nmpak lebih real bagi shadow budak ani jua..

aku nda plang pandai buat..itz juz idea..hehehe

Dark Flashy said...

azri - will post ori image. eemm i think anak cikgu basar kali ni.

wanzie - 'shadow', aku pun inda pandai,nantitah if the backdrop or lantainya putih, he hee..

thnz 4 d comments guys..

Out Of Focus said...

This is by far your best editing work yet. Good transition between foreground and back ground..

Now aku bulih cuti from posting... Hehe!!

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