iso [i, saw] the city

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - When Old Meets New - DRI
f20.0 | focal length : 16mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

It funny how there's a place in Singapore called 'China Town'... To me this whole island is a china town. Hehe!!

This area was introduced to me by my Bruneian friend, Baz, who lives close by. He's not into photography, but he thought that this would be interesting to me to have both old and new buildings in the same shot.

He was right.. Good ol Baz..


wanzie said...

wah..nice..klu diKg.Ayer bulih x ni bro...

gmbar rumah kayu2 serta bangunan2 dibandar atu a..

Cybercanon said...

very strong title with an impact from the picture...hmm good info from your friend dude..

and wanzie, kalau dpt ah tapi pakai heli tah kali tu hehehe~

wanzie said...

CC: yakah? Sal aku alum pnah meraun around kg.ayer utk outing..hehe..dlm utak ku rumah yg kayu2 dkat masjid omar ali a2 plang..hehe..paksa th mencari angle yg cantik 2, klu ada jua..haha

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