iso [i, saw] the mystic project

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Attempting The Rays Of Light
f4.5 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/200sec | flash : not fired| Description |

Some of you might have already seen today's earlier post. I've decided to take that out and put this one instead. Hope you likes...

I need to go do some photoshoot in the jungle.. I also need a different model. Hehe!! Boring kali kamu sudah liat c Ryan saja...


wanzie said...

blakang umah ku ani bro utan plang ni..hehe..gnya nda tau sesuai kh nda klu digmbar..hehe..

ani ok sikit pun ngam dari upleft gnya terlalu kuat kuning nya..kurangi lagi sikit opacity nya..

susah jua buat aku pengsan atu bro a..hehehehehe :P

Out Of Focus said...

Ok sikit?!! Sikit sajakah?!! Hehe!! Satu aku inda paham... Is it too yellow? Or is it just yellow? Aku andang buat ia jining pulang dats y it's yellow.. But is it too yellow?

wanzie said...

Au..sikit saja..krang kambang tia bulu idung..hehe

erm..i think warna atu ok dah tp kurang kn aja opacity nya..

VM said...

wan bulu idung pandai kambang kan ? aku pikir idung saja pandai kambang dan yg lain lain yg sewaktu dgnnya.hahaha

my opinion - i dont find it too yellow,well i dont knw whether its because of the resolution of my laptop but ive tried to look at it at a different monitor. n the answer its not too yellow for me. perhaps just my hahaha

ur nt only good at landscapes, but ur goot at catching moment. salah profession u ani geng.u shudnt be a pilot. patutnya jadi full time photog, for mag or something...preferably playmate

hahaha..mcm panjang comment ku

Azry said...

Nice editing bro. Love the colour and the moment too!! =)

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks.. I think I'll stick with the opacity of it. Different people different views. For me, I'm with VM. Azry, thanks man.

Dark Flashy said...

wow,good timming n angle..
emm.. macam telampau kuning jua, macam inda jua

when i click on the pix (big size) menguning ia tapi with small size perfect ia..

arrghhh.. i stick to this setting saja... 4.5/5

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