iso [i, saw] my daughter

Photo by Dark Flashy | Title - Thumb-Up
ISO 200 | 11 mm | f/9 | 1/100s

again Panaga beach


Out Of Focus said...

Something's different and nice about this photo..

Is it because of the natural colors with the blue skies and puffy clouds, the golden colored sands and the textured trees?

Is it the newly wide angled view which DF has just gotten grip to how to fully use this wonderful lens and framing it just right?

Is it his daughter who normally points at something now learnt that there are other fingers on her hands?

Is it the old tree that looks like its learning a new balancing act just so that DF could take a photo of it?

No.. It's because its borderless, no frames attached that what makes it different than his usual postings.. Hehe!!

Great shot bub..

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