iso [i, saw] a birthday boy

Photo by overXposed Title - Excitement
f/4.5 | focal length : 42mm | ISO 1000 | shutter speed : 1/60s
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Today, my son, my Muhammad Darwish turns 4. But he keeps saying that he is still 3 years old. I asked why and he said " I am still small ". Who dares argue with that spontananeous statement.

| I said.. |

OOF!! been dying waiting for my first post using my new toy, the Canon EOS 7D. I think it is an honour for the first post to be special, as special as somebody you love to be in it. Oh by the way, this baby is AWESOME!!!!

Side note: baby refers to the 7D....hehehehe.


Out Of Focus said...

Dude... If I'm so special, how cum I'm not I'm not in it?

overXposed said...

OOF!!..u r a SPECIAL BUDDY....ur place is in my heart!!...heee

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