iso [i, saw] the entrance

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Enter... If You Dare!!!
f2.8 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 320 | shutter speed : 1/13th sec | flash : did not fire| Description |

So there I was, lost in the jungle in India, with the left side looking exactly like the right... and the back... and the front, when suddenly a dim lit opening appeared a few hundred meters ahead. I walked slowly towards it. Scenes from the 'Witchblair Project' flashed in my head.

'Come on in...' a faint voice cried. Do you even dare...?

| Photographer said.. |

Hand held, one shot only and no tripod. It could have been a lot clearer and detailed if I had my tripod with me but it got stuck in something's head when I threw it at 'it' when it was chasing me..

| Only if you're interested... |

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