iso [i, saw] dedication

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - The Photographer
f13 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 200 | shutter speed : 6sec

| Description |

This is a shot of overXposed trying to take a shot of Masjid Perpindahan Lambak. Hehe.. Whatever happened to that photo dude?

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Dark Flashy said...

Salah title mu atu OOF. 'Jangan Pandan Belakang' baru ngam.. eh! damit udah baju OverXposed, he hee

overXposed said...

...ahh...the photo i took didnt turn out that well, not to my liking...things to remember when takin photo at night and in a no lighting areas, not a tripod but mosquito repellant cream...hahah...

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