iso [i, saw] my first HDR attempt

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Lonely
f14 | focal length : 18mm | ISO 125 | shutter speed : 30sec | flash : not fired

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I've finally done it.

I didn't think I could do it but now it seems like I'm almost there. Numerous attempts to seek help from Dark Flashy and oXp have failed. All I got from them was 'easylaaah!! Use Photomatix!!'.

Sure... Give a monkey a calculator and see what it does to it..

This was done with 3 photos at f14, trying to get clear shots at long exposures, and plus and minus 1 stops. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, do tell me because I'm not sure if I'm saying it correctly. I used both Photoshop and Photomatix to merge the photos into HDR and then edit the levels and saturation.

Although the subject is not that exciting, and the end product is not that good, bear in mind this IS my first attempt at it. Rest assure there will be more..

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overXposed said...

As I said, I did it with 1 photo and dat will b defaulted to exposure level 0, then with d same photo create 2 more photos with different exposure levels ie +exp n -exp den save them both. And now u will have 3 photos at 3 different exposure levels to be merged in Photomatix. That's how I do it. Don't know how monkeys do theirs .

Out Of Focus said...

okay okay... So maybe I exaggerated my story a little bit, but its funny right? Hehe!!

Anyways, its the process after that thats what I was referring to. The picture didn't come out right after merging it to HDR. The tone mapping, the color saturation.. everything just didn't go through.

What is the way to do it?

If anyone can help me, please do.

overXposed said... mean the final process of which give u da satisfaction factor...hehehe... And it was funny indeed.

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